I love gaming! Yes, I know you are all aware of that. But what you may not be aware of is that I love God even more. No wait, please don’t leave the page! I still love games! In fact, He made me that way. Yes, God created me with a love and desire for games. It is only too obvious. But what is funny (well maybe funny isn’t the right word…ironic maybe?) is that I have only just started admitting that to myself. I have tried all my life to find what makes me happy AND could also help me make a living. Retail has been my bag for the most part. But truthfully, I absolutely hated it. Wait…hate is a strong word. But Loathe is much stronger! So, I will use that. I loathe retail and the black spot it put on my heart. But, no, I don’t mean that like it sounds. My retail jobs in the past have brought many good things to my life and I appreciate them. Many of my friends, including my wife, I met through those retail jobs. I have a unique skill set that was given to me by my past career choices. But I never was receptive to God’s will for my life and career. I received salvation long ago (1982). But my story is extensive and complicated and never included doing away with my preconceived ideas for jobs and making ends meet with God’s will. But now it does. A tragic and life threatening event took place April 2016 and God shouted for change in my life. Too bad it took something shocking to bring me around.

But now, through prayer and supplication, God has told me this, gaming is where my calling is at. The road I have been travelling and learning on was meant to bring me right here where I stand. Ready to serve and glorify God through games and gaming. So, over the next few days, weeks, and months you will see that taking off. My ideas are many and my list of things to do if vast. But with The Lord’s help it will get done. Here are just a few things that you will see very soon:

  • – new articles, new reviews and new content
  • publications – because I LOVE Dungeons & Dragons!
  • Youtube and Twitch Channels – I have always wanted to host one.
  • Gamer Immersion – Let’s have fun!

It only gets better from here. What I am is excited. This should be great! What I also am is a normal dude; with flaws, hang-ups, and issues just like everyone else. Jesus is at work in my life and this is what he wants from me. What I am not is some kind of weird holy roller who says “Love Jesus or die!”. No, I’m coming at you with games. I am not going to try and persuade anyone to do anything. That’s for God to do. No judgement, no ceremonies, no bibles to the face. Let’s just game together.

What I also am is a stay home dad. This has been very fulfilling in my life and I work hard to help my family succeed and for my kids to excel in life. It is a decision my wife and I made about eight years ago. To be honest we have had to make some real tough sacrifices to do that. We used to have abundance; now we live lean. This has taught and grown us a lot through the years and the journey has been tough at times. But things change and although going back to a regular work environment is not in the cards for me yet, I do have the capacity to try and scratch out a bit more income to help support the finances in my household. So any support that you, my precious community can provide will go far to help us out. Even a like for a video, a comment, or a couple bucks through patreon or paypal will do so much and is an appreciation I will try to express every time.

Now, ON WITH THE GAMES! Let’s have some fun and a tone of creativity and go away better for it. Please, please if you would like to see specific content or have any ideas to share, comment below and let me hear them. I want to grow and get better at this. Thanks for reading and blessings to you all!