The Con Game

GenCon 2012

Ahh gaming conventions. In my 50+ years I have been to my share; VEGA, PolyCon, even the grand daddy of all game conventions, GenCon! These events can be unique and fun experiences and if done correctly, bring memories that will last a life time. That’s why in 2010 I took my middle son to Gateway, a Southern California convention that is part of the Strategicon family of conventions. If memory serves, there were right at about two thousand attendees back then and the boys had a great time. D&D all over the show, miniatures battles, seminars, LARPS, anime and my son even won the Guitar Hero competition that was held. They do it right at this con and now back here in 2018, it’s time for another trip!

In May my youngest son (17) and I will be going to Gamex and I am so excited my shoes are dancing without me! This con is virtually the same as Gateway (and Orccon, their third convention) just different date and a few different gaming options offered. It is true that all three of my kids are hardcore gamers in their own way. But my youngest is a tabletop roleplaying junkie like me. So this con experience is going to be epic. Both of us are heavily involved in The Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer’s League (yeah, AL for short please) and this con will not disappoint. At this stage the game schedule hasn’t been released, but if my information is correct there should be near a hundred AL slots over the weekend.

But that’s not all! It’s a three-hour car ride to the event. My car should be packed with 5 nerds and we can, and will, be rolling in laughter and conversation the entire time. Paint-and-take will happen. The D&D Epic should be…well…you know. EPIC! I hear attendance is close to five thousand now as opposed to two thousand last time I went. All heresay of course but now, over the next couple months, I will feature a series on Con attendance that will follow the journey with my son to Gamex and gaming nerdvana!

The first leg of that journey has Hotel Reservations set with receipts saved, conversation with my son about going and approval from my wife to take the trip and spend the money. Check, check and check! Next time we will discuss planning, expenses and other preparation!


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