Surf, Sand and Make Believe


The sunset above was not where I was this weekend. But pretty close. So imagine this while I share my experience this past weekend.

Myself and two friends took a trip west to The Pacific Ocean last Friday. It was a pre-planned event that about ten people were invited to a month or more in advance. Now, I don’t travel well and the culture in my city (region) says that gamers are a gamble when it comes to dependability. But I needed to get away. I was looking for some relief of the stresses home life has been throwing at me lately. Messenger started chirping and the talk escalated to something that sounded like a real fun excursion. So I climbed on board. Cleared the schedule, built a character as per DM specs and began adjusting my head for the journey.

The date came fast and soon it was the day before and as expected people started dropping off (or just stopped communicating at all). Quickly ten became seven. Which eventually turned to five. Hey five is still great, that’s almost a perfect sized table. Not too big, not too small. The mix of ages and experience levels was still good and I really wanted to go. On departure day we lost two more. So there would be only three; my longtime friend (and host) and a young player I knew from Adventurer’s League play who I had gotten to know quite a bit but still didn’t know well. But I really wanted to go. So, as per the theme of the weekend, I rolled the dice and went.

NATTY 20! I had such a great time. my fellow players and I, scaled down to three, had a weekend of fun food, friendship and D&D. Quality players, quality dungeon master and a fine quality game system, adjustable on the fly, were just what the doctor ordered for this gamer. Even better, plans are in the works for our next trip! I’m betting the turn out will be much better and that we will even need another table.

This is why I do what I do. I love gaming. The friendship and fellowship can’t be beat. The story telling provides a kind of entertainment that can not be duplicated and my creative outlet is golden. Everything I do in my life wraps around three things in descending order: God, My family, and gaming. Hopefully next time I will snap some pictures like I promised. NEXT TIME!!


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